What is a STen Score?  
STen scores go from 1 to 10. The table below describes what the different STen scores tell you about your child’s achievement in English reading and maths.  

STen score  What the score means  Proportion of children who get this score
 8-10     Well above average 1/6
 7 High average 1/6
 5-6 Average 1/3
 4 Low average 1/6
 1-3 Well below average 1/6

If your child’s STen score is 5 or 6, you will know that their performance on the test is average. About one third of children in Ireland have STen scores in this band. You can see from the table that there are also STen scores above and below the average.

As with other tests your child does in school, their result on a standardised test can be affected by how they feel on the test day or by worry or excitement about a home or school event. This means that each test result is an indication of your child’s achievement in English reading and maths. You play an important role in encouraging and supporting your child no matter what they scores on the test.