Interschool Novice Show Jumping League

Kaela represented  St Mary’s P.S. in the Interschool Novice Show Jumping League. 

Since September Kaela has been training 3 to 4 times a week in all weathers to prepare for this competition. 

Kaela competed in 6 shows  altogether as part of the Interschools League.

The final took place on Sunday 4th February  and Kaela placed second out of over 30 competitors.  

We are extremely proud of Kaela’s hard work and dedication to her sport.

Well done Kaela!

Silver Snake for St Vincent de Paul

Thank you to all families for their generosity towards the Vincent de Paul collection.

€1,005 was raised today creating our silver snake out of coins.

The volunteers from the local Vincent de Paul collected the money this afternoon, which they will lodge to the bank today.

They asked the school to pass on their appreciation to the school community.

Cross Country November 2023

Well done to all of the athletes that competed in the Cross Country competition in Fairyhouse on 23rd November 2023. Long distances on a wet day with a mucky course and huge numbers is never easy. They did themselves and the school proud!

A big thank you to Ms Muldoon, Ms Jameson and Ms Murtagh for all their hardwork, support and dedication!

On Thursday, October 5th, we had a special celebration at our school. We planted a native Hazel tree for National Tree Day 2023! This tree is found all over Ireland, and it’s famous for its delicious hazelnuts. At this time of year there are very few hazelnuts left as the squirrels and mice save them for winter.  It’s not just squirrels and mice; it helps lots of other animals and bugs too, like lichens and insects.

We want to say a big thank you to Spar for giving us the little tree, and a big shoutout to Ms. O’Dwyer’s 4th class for planting it with such care!

School Update

We are delighted with the work that took place over the summer at St Mary’s PS.  As a result
of the paintwork and maintenance carried out our school now boasts a colourful, fresh
In addition, we’re excited to announce the opening of our new extension and dedicated
facilities for our autism classes. In the extension, there are three modern classrooms, a large
hall, a new playground, a sensory garden, and calming sensory rooms that will, no doubt,
provide the best possible learning environment for our pupils.

Camogie Champions

We are thrilled that our school’s Camogie team has emerged as the champions of the Developing Schools Camogie Competition 22/23! Our girls, guided by the exceptional coaching of Ms. Codd and Ms. Clancy, have showcased their talent, dedication, and teamwork throughout the competition. We are very proud of their outstanding achievement. They are great ambassadors for our school.

Athletics Track and Field Champions June 2023

A huge congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in the Track and Field Championships in Navan. We are beyond proud of the effort that was put in by all participants especially on such a hot day.

They competed in 60m, 100m, 600m, 800m, relays, ball throw and long jump. We won silver in the U11  boys  60m. We won silver in the U13 boys 100m. There was a few who were just pipped to a medal position across all events.

They showed grit, determination and represented St. Mary’s with pride. We have a lot of talented athletes in our midst and we look forward to continuing our training next year. Bring on the next Championships!  

A big thank you to Ms. Muldoon, Ms. McDonnell and Ms. Jameson for preparing the children so well and allowing  coaches affording the children the opportunity to participate in an event like this. Thanks also to the teachers and support staff who helped out on the day!

Nature Boxes

St. Mary’s Primary School has set up nature boxes around its grounds to help birds, bats, butterflies, and insects find cozy spots to build their nests. These boxes include bird houses, bat houses, insect hotels, and even a house for ladybirds. They provide a safe and welcoming space for these creatures to raise their young. The bird houses attract different kinds of birds, while the bat houses offer a comfy place for bats to rest. The insect hotel gives insects a cool place to stay, and the ladybird house is a special spot just for ladybirds. St. Mary’s Primary School wants to protect nature and teach students about the important role these animals play in our world.

5th Class Rounders Demonstration

5th class pupils showcased their impressive rounders skills to the entire school. The beautiful, sunny weather added to the enjoyment of the day as everyone had a great time watching the students’ display of talent and teamwork.

Bike Week 2023

Well done to the 5th class pupils and staff who recently took part in a Greenway Cycle as part of Bike Week 2023. They were blessed with the weather and did our school proud on the day!

Green Schools Second Flag – Water

On Thursday May 25th St. Mary’s Primary School Enfield raised our second green flag. This green flag was for water. The pupils on the Green School Committee worked long and hard to encourage the whole school community to work together to save water. The pupils talked to other classes about the importance of saving water, held a poster and slogan competition, completed a walk for water along the canal and carried out surveys in the school to ensure we are doing enough to save water. The pupils impressed the Green School Officer to ensure we received our flag. Well done!

‘Water, water everywhere, but sadly not a drop to spare.’

Meeting local inventor

It was a memorable experience for the Ms. Daly’s 6th class pupils, as they recently had the pleasure of meeting Patsy Prendergast, a local inventor. Patsy shared his story and talked passionately about his invention, captivating the students with his ideas and creativity. Patsy was very generous with his time and knowledge, answering all their questions and inspiring the students.

50 years of EU membership

On Monday, May 8th, 2023, Ireland marked Europe Day 2023, which marks 50 years of Ireland’s EU membership. Since becoming a member of the European Union in 1973, there has been much social, economic, and cultural change in Ireland. 

Our school received a new European flag to mark the special occasion. A big thanks to pupils from 6th class who helped to raise the new flag.

The Camogie team have had a blistering start in the Camogie competition this year, winning their first two rounds convincingly! Next up is Longwood NS in Round 3.. watch this space ..