Our School Philosophy

1 – The School

The vision will come to life in a school that has an atmosphere of mutual respect where all members of the school community feel happy and secure working in a spirit of encouragement and enthusiasm.
• In order to achieve this vision it will be necessary to provide facilities that are safe and spacious. These will be maintained to a high standard.
• The necessary resources must be made available to the school.

2 – Staff

We envisage a professional caring staff that is
• Committed to supporting the pupils in their learning
• Co-operative, approachable, diligent and tolerant
• Open to new and innovative approaches and ideas
• Supported in their efforts to provide the best possible opportunities to their pupils
• Valued and respected

3 – Parents

We envisage parents who are
• Supportive of the school
• Committed to and interested in their children’s learning
• Ambitious for their children and who expect high standards in terms of courtesy, respect, and achievement from all in the school community
• Take their responsibilities seriously
• Consulted, communicated with and who feel that their opinions are valued
• Co-operative with the school and communicate their needs to the relevant persons

4 – Board of Management

We envisage a board of management that is
• Supportive and well informed of the work of the school
• Innovative, open and discrete
• Appreciative of the needs of staff and partners in education and who actively encourage personal and professional development
• Aware of the resources required by staff in order to ensure effective teaching and learning

5 – Pupils

We envisage pupils who
• Feel safe, accepted and happy in our school
• Feel understood and secure in the knowledge that they are recognised as wonderful individuals
• Are ambitious for themselves and their peers
• Are proud to be pupils of St. Mary’s NS
• Have a sense of self and cultural identity

6 – Local Community

We envisage a local community that is
• Supportive of the school
• Committed to and interested in the lives of the children in the area
• Generous with their time and resources to the benefit of children
• Contributing to the development of links between the school and the area where the children live.