Sports Day 2015

The senior sports day took place on Thursday the 11th June and was a HUGE success. Well done to all the children & teachers who made it a great day! We were very lucky to get great weather on both days & we had lots of parents come to support the children. Thanks to the parents association for providing the children with some healthy snacks which all the children really enjoyed. Maith thú to all!

Wednesday was a very exciting day for the junior end of the school. Especially the three Junior Infant classes. It was their first sports day and they had lots of fun, although there were a few moments of crying! This year, we got 6th class students to help the kids and teachers out with the activities throughout the day. Some parents from the parent association came and helped out a lot too. This year instead of fizzy drinks and crisps we gave out apples, oranges and juice. All the children were delighted at the end of the day. Another successful sports day for St. Marys!


Sports day was last Thursday 11th  June for the seniors. 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd participated in Sports Day. We did a lot of activities such as an Obstacle course, Tug of War, Javelin, Water race and lots more. The games were fun and all the students enjoyed it. It was the 6th classes last sports day in St. Mary’s. Personally, my favourite was tug of war. 6th class wanted to make the best of it. There were arguments and cheers but overall we had a lot of teamwork. At the end we got refreshments, which were very healthy. SPORTS DAY WAS AMAZING!!