School Book Fair 2017

The Book Fair for all children will take place from 1st of February to Friday 1oth of February. During this period an extensive selection of books for all ages will be available.

Scholastic Books are providing the display for the event, a new and exciting range of over 200 books will be available to view and purchase. As children become familiar with the broad range of good books available, their interest in reading is awakened and fostered.

The school will gain handsomely from the event:

For up to €1000 spent we receive €400 worth of books,

For between €1000-1500 spent we will receive up to €750 worth of books and

For over €1500 for we will receive 60% of the sales figures in books.


Over the last number of years we have been able to use the money raised to extend individualized reading programme material in the school as well as help stock some class libraries. Last year the proceeds supported the initial establishment of a new school library. Funds raised this year will help to continue providing additional stock.

Each child receives a leaflet showing a selection of the books available. The full display will be in the Aistear room opposite the School Library during the day and in the hall for the Wednesday 8th evening session. Each class will have at least two sessions at the Fair. Session 1 is for the viewing with their class only and Session 2 is for the buying. Parents of Junior Infants only may attend with their child should they wish to do so during the day buying sessions indicated as per attached. We are unable to cater for parents from the other classes attending the day buying sessions. If you wish to purchase a book with your child there is an evening session on Wednesday 8th at 7pm.

Book Fair 2017