Friendship Week

Friendship Week will take place from 9th – 13th November 2015.  This year we have chosen the theme ‘Friendship Starts in Loving Hearts’.  As in previous years, the children will engage in activities in the classroom, the hall and playground with their peers and other year groups throughout the week.  Friendship involves sharing and understanding who we all are and where we come from. Then we can open our hearts and minds to each other and celebrate difference.  We always appreciate the messages and notes you share with the children and we encourage you to do so again this year.

We are delighted to see parental involvement extended this year with an International Day for the children in the hall on Thursday 12th currently being organised by the  Parents Association. A number of parents have volunteered to share aspects of culture and customs from their country of origin with the children.  We understand it is not possible for all parents to participate and therefore not all countries are represented.  If you would like your country to be included, we welcome you to work on a small display with your child over the mid-term break which they can bring to school the first week after mid-term to display and share on International Day.   You can share a flag/a map/photographs/words from your language/ famous people/ foods/ national costume or anything particular from your country.

We look forward to another successful and inclusive Friendship Week and we shall keep you further informed of the week after mid-term break.